Animal Control
Animal Control Officer:   Christopher Sullivan

Our Animal Control Officer (ACO) is committed to promoting the welfare of domestic and wild animals. The ACO’s primary job function deals with enforcing the Town of Wilmington By-Laws and State Laws as they relate to animal issues. Some of these duties include picking up stray animals, barn inspections, quarantines, licensing and vaccination enforcement.

If you have a problem with wildlife in your home or on your property, chimney, attic, etc., by state law neither you nor the ACO may relocate wild animals. We ask that you call a licensed nuisance animal removal service and/or a chimney sweep service. We advocates having your chimney capped to prevent these occurrences. If the issue involves a sick or rabid animal on your property, call the Wilmington Police and an officer will be dispatched to euthanize the animal if needed.

The Town of Wilmington does not have the facilities for stray cats. If you would like to report a stray cat or have found stray cats, you can call the Animal Rescue League of Boston, MSPCA, or Lowell Humane Society. Most of these organizations will not pick up animals. However, they may loan you traps. Care must be given before handling any unknown animal! Its medical condition and history is unknown. Please keep this in mind.

You are required by law to keep your town license and rabies vaccination tags on your dog’s collar. Your dog is also required to be restrained and/or leashed at all times!

Barn inspections are done once a year. These inspections pertain to anyone who houses and/or keeps on their property any farm animals including horses, goats, chickens, sheep, llamas, emus, etc. It should be noted pigs are not allowed to be kept in Wilmington.

To log an animal complaint, call the Wilmington Police Business line at 978-658-5071. If the call is an emergency: animal attack on a human etc., dial 911.

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