Commander: Lt. Scott Sencabaugh
Training Officer: Ofc. Paul Krzeminski

The Wilmington Police Training Division is responsible for coordinating the training of the entire Wilmington Police force. Upon entering the police academy, the new officer begins a regimen of ongoing training that will last throughout their career. Upon completion of the Police Academy, the new officers are assigned to a Field Training Officer under the direction of the Training Division Commander where they apply their academy training to hands-on police work.

Training does not end upon completion of the Field Training Program. Every officer is required to attend annual in-service training provided by the Municipal Police Training Committee to maintain their certification as a police officer in the Commonwealth. In addition to this training, Officers attend internal training provided by the WPD Training Division. The Training Division conducts annual firearms qualifications, taser recertification, defensive tactics training, and provides other specialized training in a variety of subjects.