Commander: Lt. Charles Fiore

The Wilmington Police Detective Division is responsible for all investigations of major crimes in Wilmington. Currently, seven detectives are assigned to the unit and are responsible for a variety of functions.

Wilmington is a growing community and, as such, our investigators see an increasing variety of offenses. Therefore they always need to be prepared for any type of crime that occurs within our jurisdiction. Although the Wilmington Police take pride in helping keep Wilmington a safe community, our proximity to major urban areas and the fact that Wilmington is laced with major highways and roads makes us, inevitably, at risk to transient crime.

We have taken great effort to provide the town with the best possible services. We take pride in the fact that our detectives are highly trained in the latest crime detection tools. We have established highly effective and collaborative relationships with local, state, and federal agencies that helps us serve you, our community, much better.

Some of the specialized services we provide are: Narcotics Investigations, Computer Forensics, Covert Surveillance, Juvenile Investigations / Services, Sexual Assault Investigations, and Photography & Fingerprint Recovery.

Investigators also make presentations at social gatherings in an effort to better inform the public about areas in which they would like a better understanding (scams, flim flam operations, crime prevention at your home or business). Investigators can also provide home and business security checks to help you prevent becoming a victim of crime.