The Wilmington Police Department is advising all residents to be on the alert for potential scams related to COVID-19. It is likely, that every resident will be a potential victim of a COVID-19 related scam. The attempts could come in many different forms, some haven’t even been thought of yet. Don’t let it happen. Be vigilant, be suspicious, watch your parents and watch your neighbors. If something does not seem right, hit the pause button.
  • Scammers will attempt to contact you by phone, mail, email, messages, or computer virus.
  • Be careful of links attached to emails.
  • Don’t give out Medicare or Medicaid numbers.
  • Ignore advertisements for test kits.
  • Doctor and nurses do not make unsolicited calls.
  • An email, phone call, or any other correspondence that requires “immediate” action is scam.
  • Anything with high alert terms like “dire”, “must act now”, “you will be arrested”, etc is likely a scam.
For general information regarding scams commonly investigated by the WPD, visit
Please do think you are “too smart or savvy” to be fooled, you are not. Let’s work together and get through this.
Be on the Alert for COVID-19 Related Scams!

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